- Among those arrested were teachers, lawyers, bloggers, doctors, poets, artists, photographers and activists, dissidents, human rights activists and members of political societies.

- Many of the detainees or missing persons were arrested from SMC hospital after being injured with police shots and before the completion of treatment.

- The place of detention of the vast majority of detainees is unknown.

- Youngest detained child is no more than twelve years of age (Ahmed Ali Thamer Abbas Yahya) - RELEASED

Hers are renewable lists of detainees as reported to the Bahrain Center for Human Rights.

List of all detainees and missing persons

List of detained Doctors

للتبليغ عن المعتقلين أو المفقودين الرجاء إرسال البلاغ على هذا الرابط To report a case of detainee/disappeared please use this link