Left: Ammar Madan , Right: Hasan AlEskafi

Update 1 Aug 2011

Ammar Madan is still in the hospital. This video shows when he was arrested, and after he was found. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IT8jVXURAMo

Ammar's testimony as relayed by Nabeel: "Ammar was kidnapped by riot police on street at 9:30, then taken to Exhibition center police station in Sanabis. He was then tortured & beaten by 2 officers. One of the officers undressed & exposed his privates then urinated on Ammar as he lay in his blood on the floor. They threatened Ammar that if he spoke of what had happened 2 him, he will be tortured again. After fainting Ammar was thrown in the street by the same people who had kidnapped him. Ammar s now in hospital suffering from broken ribs fractured arms jaw & wrist, an injured lung & trauma to his back."

Nabeel Rajab with him when he went to get his testimony:

Ministry of Interior said in a statement: Man attacked by unknown assailants, not security forces.

50 year old Isa AlTaweel died yesterday (31 July 2011) due to teargas suffocation. A teargas canister was shot under his AC which filled his room with smoke. AlTaweel uses a wheelchair and thus was unable to leave his room quickly. Several days later the excess of teargas inhalation caused complications and caused his death yesterday. His family was threatened not to speak about the cause of death. For more related accidents check this report

14 year old boy, Ali Mahdi, beaten and burned with cigarettes yesterday (31 July 2011) was rescued by one of the BICI members who happened to go to the police station

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He was called in for questioning today. His 18 year old brother who was arrested with him amongst others last night, is still in detention. Those arrested: Sadeq Abdulla Alghasra, Zuhair Abdulameer Abulwahab, and Hadi Ebrahim Al-arab are in hospital. Hussain Ali Mohd Shakar, Hussain Jaffar Ali Fateel, and Ahmed Habeeb being held in detention. Ali Mahdi was released. Hassan Mahdi, his brother, is still being held.

Following is the testimony of Zainab Alkhawaja who accompanied Ali Mahdi to the police station:

"Just met 14 year old Ali from Banijamra, he was arrested last night and beaten. They burned him with a cigarette on his chest. He has been called now to go to the public prosecution for questioning, I am going with him. This 14 yr old with bruises all over his body is very frightened, his 18 yr old brother arrested with him is still in detention. Ali was released this morning at the time of morning prayer, and is still in shock. His family are trying to re-assure him, telling him "your name is Ali, you are brave, don't fear them". We just saw Hassan, Ali's brother. You should have seen their mothers face as she called for them. Ali and other who were arrested yesterday from Bani Jamra will be released. They're being taken 4 a medical exam now. The group will be taken to Budaiya police station to sign pledges then will be released. I think they were 6 who are taken for medical exams, I hope all arrested yesterday will be released. We're following them to medical examination center. Ali and Hassans elderly aunt wanted to go on the police bus with them. Ali's mum now callin their dad who became ill after hearing both his sons had been arrested last night. We are now at General Directorate of Forensic Science Evidence. We can see hassan from behind a glass door. Hassans brother telling police "look at his innocent face, how can they torture him?" We're in, Hassan said they took them to the fort, they used electric shocks on them in the car. Boys telling us: Sadeq Abdulla Alghasra, Zuhair Abdulameer Abulwahab, and Hadi Ebrahim Al-arab are in hospital. Hussain Ali Mohd Shakar, Hussain Jaffar Ali Fateel, and Ahmed Habeeb are also here with the 2 brothers. The boys have slippers on even tho they were arrested barefoot, they say its from other detainees. Despite the beating and torture, the boys are fasting today. Their lips dry from thirst."

One of the injuries in Aali yesterday: yfrog.com/h7c3wohj

This morning, despite the heat and people fasting, those dismissed from their jobs gathered at the Ministry of Labor demanding to be reinstated. yfrog.com/gyqaetcj

There was a royal pardon for release of a number of prisoners in celebration of Ramadhan, most cases were those held for criminal charges.

Video of riot police breaking a car window: http://s890.vuclip.com/48/65/486..

A compilation of videos from yesterday: http://feb14.5gbfree.com/events..

A new video from March showing one of the head injuries: www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGP92B08Oqc

31 July 2011

There were several protests on 30 Jul 2011 in solidarity with the female detainees, and they were attacked by the security forces.

Hassan AlEskafi after he was shot, in what appears to be a direct shot to the head: www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSbbsVHAeA8 AlEskafi was taken to a clinic set up by Doctors without Borders which was operating under the radar to take in patients afraid of going to the hospital. A very short time after AlEskafi was brought into the clinic; the security forces stormed it, taking AlEskafi and arresting the man running the clinic Saeed Ayyad. BYSHR: Bahrain: The Targeting of Employee and Office of "Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières"

Ammar Madan was kidnapped by the security forces 29 July 2011 and found later severely beaten. He was visited today by the BICI (Bahrain International Commission of Inquiry) who said his condition is bad. He has broken ribs, fractures in both his left and right forearms, fractures in the face, fractures in his humerus, injured lung and bruises on his back. This is his before picture: Before and this is his picture after he was found beaten: After (at hospital)

Student Abdulhadi Nabeel Diwani was arrested upon arrival from his studies in the UAE. This shows the continuation of targeting of students and the continuation of arrests in Bahrain.

Video about expelled Polytechnic students: www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yiHipcEcdI

Abdulhadi Alkhawaja told his daughter Zainab during last visit: "They brought us from Ras elbarr in car without AC. With sacks on our heads, guantanamo style, felt like we were suffocating". To read more: facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150267916072235

29 July 2011 witnessed one of the biggest demonstrations since mid-March, under the title "the people are the source of authority": Video

Hiring Pakistani mercenaries for Bahrain's security forces: english.aljazeera.net/inde..