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Jawad Ahmed, 36 years old, from Sitra, died yesterday due to teargas suffocation. The events as told by his brother:

"The fist time Jawad got suffocated was at the last day of offering grievances of martyr Ali Jawad, and his health deteriorated. But he didn't go to the hospital in fear of being arrested, and was optimistic that his health will improve, which it did,relatively. After 3 days, tear gas was shot near the house and he got suffocated again. On 10th September, tear gas was shot by the door of the martyrs house, while he was there and he got suffocated badly He again didn't to the hospital, hoping that his health will improve and afraid that he will be arrested. Until his health deteriorated on 13th September & was taken to Salmaniya Medical Complex & remained there for one day. He was in the ICU for 1 day, where his blood was exchanged, but he died this evening due to suffocation of tear gas shot by riot forces."

The Ministry of Health has announced that Jawad's death was due to the sickle cell disease. His family deny that he had the sickle cell, and are now refusing to sign papers to receive the body as long as the papers say the cause of death was the sickle cell and not suffocation.

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Urgent Appeal: Family held by police for seeking medical care

As we have been witnessing every night, several villages were attacked with excessive teargas tonight. For the first time in a while a family decided to take their three daughters (one is a baby) whose conditions were worsening due to the teargas to the hospital. This family was inside their home and were subjected to the teargas because it was shot next to their home. At the hospital they were told to go to the central police station. The father, Mansoor Ali Alkhawaja, and uncle, Salah Ali Alkhawaja, are now being held by the police, and the two girls and their mother are being held by female police (girls are Aqdas Mansoor alkhawaja, she's a baby, Noor Mansoor Alkhawaja and fatima Mansoor Alkhawaja). This is an urgent call for an intervention to ensure they are released and to receive proper medical attention. This unfortunately will only further convince people not to seek medical help despite the countless injuries, some very serious, we are seeing on a nightly basis.

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