19 Nov 2011

16 year old Ali Yousif AlSatrawi was run over last night by Bahrain security forces at Juffair and died at the scene.

This comes after several videos emerged of attempts by riot police to run over protesters:

Graphic photo- body of Ali Yousif (16) after being run over by police jeep in Juffair Graphic photo- Body remnants at the scene More photos (Graphic) on this album

Two others were also hit, one of them is said to have serious injuries but we are waiting for further information on their cases as they may also be eye witnesses to Ali's case.

(dpa) - A 16-year-old Bahraini was killed Saturday morning when a police car crashed into him during a protest in the capital Manama.

Ali al-Satrawi died at the scene due to injuries sustained after being pinned under the police car before it crashed into a wall.

Authorities said the driver lost control after hitting a patch of oil in the narrow village street. Protesters alleged the police car intentionally attempted to run them over.

More then 40 people have been killed so far in Bahrain since the protests began in February.

Saturday's incident occurred hours after the US and Britain warned their citizens about further unrest in the small Gulf island.

'We remain very concerned about the rising tension in Bahrain,' US embassy spokesman Mark Toner said Friday.

He said the extension of a travel alert reflected 'concern with the 'volatile situation on the ground.'

Clashes were reported across much of Bahrain Friday. Several arrests of protesters had been made.

Protesters are demanding political reform and greater freedoms in Sunni-ruled, Shi'ite majority Bahrain, which hosts the US Navy 5th Fleet Command. www.monstersandcritics.com