24 Nov 2011

On morning of 23 nov 2011, Abdul Nabi Kadhem, 44, from Aali Town was fatally wounded when his car was intentionally hit by fast-moving police vehicle, forcing him to collide with a standing wall of a building.

Financial Times- Simeon Kerr:

12.05 Back to Bahrain, where Mazen Mahdi (@mazenmahdi), a Bahraini photographer with German news agency DPA, was arrested this morning by riot police while covering events in Aali, the village outside the capital, Manama, where a protester was allegedly killed this morning. The FT’s Simeon Kerr reports:

Mahdi was detained by riot police who were looking for youths in the area and then handed over to the regular police who released him an hour later. No reason was given for this detention. Abdulnabi Kadhem died this morning after a car crash. The opposition is saying he was rammed by a police SUV. The ministry of interior claims he crashed into a house. The event has raised tensions to fever pitch in the Shia village, with youths confronting police who are dispersing them with tear gas, according to eye witnesses. The funeral of the victim – hailed by the opposition as a martyr – will coincide with the presentation of the human rights report by Cherif Bassiouni to King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.



Police in Bahrain have clashed with protesters, firing teargas and raiding a makeshift clinic, just hours before a report is due to be published on the government's crackdown on protests which began in February.

Clashes are taking place in A'Ali, about 30km south of the capital Manama, after officers allegedly ran a driver off the road.

Al Jazeera's Gregg Carlstrom, reporting from A’Ali, said police had used tear gas and sound bombs against the protesters.

"Protests initially began after police allegedly forced a man off the road, causing him to crash into a house and die." Carlstrom said. He said police also raided a makeshift clinic and arrested a number of people.

AJE Footage of AbdulNabi's family climbing out of their window after police fired tear gas at their house: http://youtu.be/9WgJMWNCdrU


Photos from the scene: photo of the man (graphic) , different photo of the car and Video (graphic)