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15 Feb 2012

Mass arrests and suffocating residential areas with tear gas on the morning of 14 February. Tens of protestors tried to reach Lulu early morning and got attacked by tear gas, stun grenades, shotguns. Many got arrested as they walked towards Lulu. Armored vehicles were reported to be seen in Budaiya highway and inside villages. Bahraini authorities arrests prominent activists Nabeel Rajab and Naji Fateel during their attempt to march towards Lulu roundabout.

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Six US Citizens were arrested by Bahraini security forces in Manama on Tuesday during a peaceful protest on the way to the Pearl Roundabout. Protesters had marched into the city center to reestablish a presence of nonviolent, peaceful protest on the one year anniversary of the Arab Spring uprising in Bahrain.

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Several protesters who took part in peaceful protests were arrested (According to information of the Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR): 76 protesters were arrested “including 10 women but later released”). Many of the demonstrators were injured by the use of security forces to rubber bullets, shotgun, tear gas and stun grenades. The security forces threw the demonstrators from the second floor in the village of Sanabis ( and ran over the demonstrator in the village of Daih ( Mr. Issa Jaber Ahmed Hassan).

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We hadn’t walked for more than a few minutes when the police ran towards us. BOOM, BOOM. They started shooting tear gas canisters—not in the air to disperse us, but RIGHT AT US, like bullets. Most of us started running. I ran with Tighe and Billy (two of the other US observers) and others right into the highway, sprinting as fast as we could and hiding behind the cars. BOOM, BOOM. Two of the canisters feel right next to me. People in the cars, perfect strangers, starting opening their car doors and pulling all of us inside. “Get in, get in,” they shouted. Nabeel did not run. He had stood still, in the middle of the highway, with amazing calm and dignity. His is so famous, and so feared by the regime, that the police didn’t dare shoot at him. Right there, in the middle of the highway, hundreds of people got out of their cars to take photos with him and show support. After about 15 minutes, the police grabbed Nabeel and threw him into the police car.

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MANAMA (Reuters) - More than 120 protesters have been wounded in clashes with police in Bahrain this week, activists said on Wednesday, in a crackdown to stop majority Shi'ites breaking out of their neighborhoods to stage protests one year after an uprising. The streets were deserted with residents staying indoors as dozens of jeeps sped through the streets in apparent search operations. A policeman inside one vehicle fired a tear gas canister over some buildings before hurtling round a corner.

Opposition activists reported similar operations in numerous other Shi'ite areas of the island including Budaiya as well as Musalla and Sanabis which are on the edge of the capital.

Riot police also used armored personnel carriers that have not been seen on Bahrain's streets since martial law last year.

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