As Received from International Affairs Department, Al Wefaq Society

Feb 25:

The day started with the news of the death to a 68 year old woman, Abdah Hussain Isa the cause of death was related to inhaling excessive amounts of tear gas which was filling the village (Sehla) which she lived in. Security forces continue using tear gas irresponsibly, as many cases are reported daily by victims of attempted injury or damage to properties by tear gas shots.

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Feb 24:

Former MP Matar Matar was banned from travelling today despite acquitting him from all charges. This is considered a violation against personal freedom, as there is no legal justification for the travel ban. Matar Matar commented: "After acquitting me, I'm still banned from travel. Is it a part of the punishment or revenge? Weren't my wrongful detention and ill-treatment enough?

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