30 March 2012

Respect for right to life:

Ahmed Abdulnabi AbdulRasool, 30 years old, died on 24 March 2012 due to tear gas suffocation as per his family. Ahmed's sister is having trouble breathing as well due to the excessive use of tear gas by Bahraini security forces almost on a nightly basis. Ahmed's family said that he never had any berthing problems until this past week when he suffocated from tear gas twice. Tear gas was shot directly into their home, window broken. After that Ahmed had trouble breathing and was constantly coughing. When his family insisted he go to the hospital he refused, fearing arrest. Ahmed's death comes one week after the death of Sabry, who also died of tear gas suffocation. Graphic picture of Ahmed after his death.

Abdat Ali AbdulMohsen from Aali died on 23 March 2012 from tear gas suffocation according to her family. Abda, who is in her 40's, had suffered from breathing difficulties on the 15th of March, and she was taken to the hospital where she stayed for a week. On the 22nd of March her house was tear gassed again, her health deteriorated quickly and she died on the morning of the 23rd of March.

More than 30 people have died allegedly due to tear gas suffocation since the pro-democracy protests started on February 14th, 2011, from a total of more than 80.

Security forces continued to attack the large crowds participating in the funeral processions of both victims. Tear gas was used excessively; peaceful citizens and houses were targeted with tear gas.

Respect for Rights of the Child:

16 year old Ali AlSingace was kidnapped and found later on 21 March 2012 unconscious in a garage in Sanabis, half naked with his hands tied behind his back. This is the 5th time Ali has been subjected to kidnapping, he claims that they continue to target him due to him refusing to work as an informant. (More details)

A 10 year old child, Abdulla Hasan from Al Hajar was kidnapped on 22 March 2012 and beaten severely by security forces who released him later.

Respect for religious freedom:

Security forces targeted a Shia place of worship (Ma'atam or Hussaineya) in al Ghuraifa village on 24 March 2012 causing it to burn down.

Respect for right to peaceful assembly:

Security forces continued to attack peaceful protests that took place in several areas. A number of injuries were reported as a result of direct shooting of tear gas at the protesters . Injures with birdshots reported, and injured protestors still cannot seek medical care in either public nor private hospitals, for the fear of interrogation and detention by police.

Respect for right to work:

World Champion of Body Building, Tariq Al Farasani was dismissed on 28 March 2012 from his job in Bahrain Defense Force. Al Farasani was detained and tortured in prison for taking part in the protests and expressing his opinion.

Alba (Aluminum Bahrain Company) continues to suspend workers that were returned to their jobs and the total number of those who were suspended until 29 March 2012 is 22. Alba suspended employees continued to protest in front of the Ministry of Labor, urging them to keep their promises to return them during the presence of the International Labor Organization and called for the application of labor law and the rules of procedures of the company.

Police Reform:

A protester from Karzakan was kidnapped on 21 March 2012 and beaten severley by security forces, an officer bet him using batons and bare fists, then he was thrown to bleed on his own.

Another young man from Duraz, beaten by batons, kicked and verbally abused by security forces on 26 March 2012.

Protection from discrimination:

MEPI (middle east partnership initiative ) of the state department selected a member from Al Wefaq Society for their leadership for democracy program, and while claiming to have strong friendship with the united states and claiming willingness for serious reforms and dialogue with the opposition, Bahrain government refuses MEPIs selection in an unprecedented incident and stopping the nominee from participating in the democracy program, rendering the program, without any participant from Bahrain.

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