17 April 2012

Honorable Madam Navy Pillay UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Palais Wilson- Geneva United Nations

Dear Mrs. Pillay,

The Bahrain Human Rights Society sends you its warmest regards and appeals to your excellency to urgently intervene to stop the severe violations of human rights committed today by the Bahraini authorities, as represented by the police forces, the anti-riot forces, the national security agency apparatus as well as armed “civil” militias that are supported by the Ministry of Interior and using all sorts of internationally forbidden arms against the unarmed people of Bahrain whoonly have legitimate demands for a bright democraticfuture forthis country.

The Bahrain Human Rights Society has recorded an increasing number of cases of victims who were seriously injured by the various tools that government forces use, such as lead-fission shotguns, toxic gases, severe beating, destruction of personal properties, assaulting children and women, in addition to wide and continued arrests.

Your Excellency, we appeal to you within your capacity as the first UN officer in charge of defending human rights, to use all possible actions that are available to you to end these violations that have only increased lately, especially after announcements and threats by government officials that they would increase the tools of suppression against pro-democratic reform demonstrations.

Please accept our highest admiration and warmest regards.

The Bahrain Human Rights Society 17/4/2012