Bahrain medical doctors Mahmmod Asghar (R), Ali Alekri (2ndR), and Nader Diwani (2ndL) receive the verdict (AFP, Mohammed al-Shaikh)

14 June 2012

At the same time that the GCHR and BCHR welcome the acquittal of nine medics and the dropping of the two charges: possession of arms and the occupation of Salmaniya hospital, we are very concerned that the rest were charged with sentences between 1 month to 5 years.

The sentences previously given to the medics have changed to the following:

1. Ali Al-Ekri: 15 years has changed to 5 years imprisonment. 2. Ghassan Dhaif: 1 year imprisonment. 3. Mahmood Asghar: 6 month imprisonment. 4. Bassem Dhaif: 1 month imprisonment. 5. Ebrahim Al-Demistani: 3 years imprisonment. 6. Nader Diwani: 1 month imprisonment. 7. Abdulkhaliq Al-Oraibi: 1 month imprisonment. 8. Dhiaa Abuidrees: 2 month imprisonment. 9. Saeed Al-Samahiji: 1 year imprisonment.

The following were found innocent: 1. Zahraa Al-Sammak 2. Hassan Al-Tublani 3. Fatima Haji 4. Nada Dhaif 5. Ahmed Omran 6. Rola Al-Saffar 7. Najah Khalil 8. Mohammed Al-Shehab 9. Sayed Marhoon

All medics should be immediately and unconditionally released with dropping of all charges. Medics who were subjected to torture during their detention should be compensated and all medics should be reinstated to their jobs immediately.

It is also important to note that officials in high position in the government of Bahrain played a big role in promoting false allegations against the medics. Those who took part in defamation campaigns against the medics must be investigated and held accountable.

Minister of Health Fatima Al-Baloushi and Minister of Justice Khalid bin Ali Al-Khalifa accusing the medical staff of occupation of Salmaniya hospital and weapons possessions:

Bahrain TV (the state run television) targeting the medical staff:

Also, given the outcome of the trial, the GCHR and BCHR would like to reiterate it's call to the government of Bahrain to withdraw the military forces from the Salmaniya hospital, and allow all Bahraini's access to medical care.

The GCHR and BCHR call on the King of Bahrain to:

1. Immediately and unconditionally drop all charges against the medics. 2. Disable all the arbitrary measures taken against them and their families. 3. Compensate for all damages they have endured. 4. The formation of an independent commission to investigate all allegations of torture they suffered. 5. Start a process to reform the judiciary system so that it becomes independent and fair. 6. Hold accountable all those who participated in defamation campaigns against the medics. 7. To immediately halt the military control of the Salmaniya Medical Complex and allow people medical access without fear of arrest and torture.