and to stop the massive and continued human rights violations

Authorities in Bahrain are applying an unofficial Martial Law and use brutal repression, violent raids into homes and checkpoints.

10th July 2012

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights directs this urgent appeal to the international community, Human Rights Council and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to assume their responsibility and to do their duty to protect the people of Bahrain who are going under brutal repression and extensive violence conducted by the Bahraini Security Forces since the past 16 months.

Since February 2011, the brutal repression and arrests of peaceful civilians and other forms of violations of human rights did not stop, despite the "Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry" report which was published in November 2011, instead the human rights situation kept deteriorating and nothing much have changed.

The BCHR have issued a documented report of two parts highlighting the continued violations post Report of the “Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry". (Refer to the last BCHR report here)

The authorities in Bahrain exercise random and violent raids into homes, arbitrary arrests and checkpoints

What is happening on the ground since the past two weeks is the return of the martial law, but on an informal basis. The BCHR have monitored and documented the massive violations which are being conducted by the security forces and it is similar to practices which have been used during the so-called National Safety; examples of those practices are:

1 - Random raids into homes, attacking and beatings residents, vandalising and stealing money and valuables.

2 - Arbitrary arresting people during the first hours of dawn while beating them and their relatives, vandalizing house's contents and withholding the fate of those being arrested for a while.

3 - Deploying checkpoints and attacking people passing through them who are suspected to be opposition supporters or just on sectarian basis.

4 –placing a siege around areas using huge numbers of security forces and foot patrols regularly to terrorize and spread fear in people, and to prevent them from leaving their areas to join central protests.

5 - Wide, extensive and unjustified use of shotgun against civilians and peaceful protestors.

6 - Continued militarization of hospitals and preventing wounded protestors from getting medical treatment needed and arresting them upon their arrival to the hospital.

7 - Breaking the cars and properties of citizens and stealing mobile phones.

8 - Harassing and attempting to murder the leaders of some political societies and human rights activists through direct targeting and shooting at them from short distances.

9 - Excessive use of tear gas and shooting the canisters deliberately at and inside houses.

10 - Preventing peaceful gatherings and marches by using excessive force and brutal violence against the demonstrators involved.

Therefore The Bahrain Center for Human Rights requests the international community to stand strong and firm against the continued human rights violations in Bahrain.