Two days after Bahrain UPR in Geneva, Manama Peaceful Protest violently suppressed, more than 30 protestors arrested

Police arresting Masooma Al-Sayed while peacefully protesting in Capital Manama, September 21,2012.

23rd September 2012

February 14th Coalition have called on a Friday protest in the capital of Bahrain Manama on 21st September 2012, calling for democracy and freedom, the peaceful protest was entitled: ”The Friday of Steadfast”.

The protest has been suppressed violently; Police forces have used teargas and stun grenades which have caused injuries among protesters.

Use of teargas during the Manama Protest

This repression came exactly two days the Government of Bahrain pledged to implement more than 140 of the 176 recommendations laid out in the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) conducted by the United National Human Rights Council. Which is evident that the government is not serious in respecting the basics of Human Rights; Freedom of Assembly. (More details: HRW: Bahrain: Act on UN Human Rights Commitments)

Video of attacks on peaceful protesters during the Manama Protest:

BCHR has received information of protestors who were injured in different parts of the body.

Police raiding a house and arrested men from it during Manama Protest.

Video :

Since the hospitals are under military control for over a year now, protesters are unable to receive proper treatment at hospital as they fear arrest as hospitals have been ordered to report any injury related to protest to the police. Instead they have to make do with home-based treatment.

Photo of a woman injured in her eyes during the Manama Protest, due to the militarization of hospitals she was treated in a house.

Police have continued to throw excessive amount of tear gas on the crowded residential and market area of Manama, where most houses are small and old which teargas can easily enter through it’s cracks.

Video of arresting and attacking a group of peaceful women protestors:

A woman on the ground after police attacked her with a sound grenade.

Moreover, more than 30 protesters (including 5 women) have been arrested either from the streets or after raiding their houses without any arrest warrant. There are several reports of violence against women, among them a direct injury on foot after police aimed a sound grenade on a foot of a women. Such acts are not foreign to the police forces of Bahrain, Human Rights Defender Zainab Al-Khawaja who is still in prison was severely injured and got a broken leg after police shot a teargas canister to her foot while protesting. (More Details : Urgent Appeal: Arrest and Ill-treatment of Human Rights Defender Zainab Al-Khawaja)

Photo of Police arresting a protester during the Manama Protest.

Photo of Police arresting woman in her 50s for participating in the Manama Protest demanding for Democracy and Freedom

Police sprayed pepper spray on face and eyes of Ma’asooma Alsayed while arresting her. When she called from the police station she was still feeling pain and heat in her eyes because of Intensity of pepper spray, and she was feeling pain in her hands. She also said during a phone call that she saw another arrested protester Ali Alekri in a pitiful condition and his clothes were torn from frequent beatings.

29 arrested protesters (men and women) were presented to the public prosecution on Sunday 23 Sep 2012 and received detention orders of one month pending investigation for most of them while Ma’asooma Alsayed received a one week detention pending investigation.

Bahrain center for human rights strongly condemn the government’s fierce crackdown on whoever exercises freedom of expression and peaceful assembly and the attack on women and activists for exposing the crimes committed in Bahrain by the authorities. We immediately demand the release of all detained activists and protesters, putting an end for the use of violence against peaceful protesters and allowing Bahrainis their right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.


Photos of women being arrested by police in the 21st Sept 2012 Manama Protest

Photo of teargas thrown at protesters and bystanders

Photo of police arresting a protester

Videos on 21st Sept 2012 – Manama Protest:

Snap video of the Manama Protest:

Video of arresting and attacking women during the protest

Video of attacking peaceful protestors in Manama

21st Sept 2012, Manama Protest detainees:

Women: 1. Maryam Al-Khazaz from Sitra 2. Massoma Al-Sayed from Bilad Al-Qadeem 3. Fatima Abdulemam 4. Nuzha Hassan (released) 5. Sajida Ahmed Hassan Al-Hubaili from Sitra


6. Mr. Mohammed Al-Tal from Tubli 7. Hisham Al-Sabbag (released) 8. Hassan Al-Khazaz 9. Mahdi Abu-Aish from Al-Daih 10. Salman Abdullah Saad from Al-Daih 11. Taher Al-Ghanmi from Bani-Jamra 12. Ali Ebrahim Al-Masjan from Al-Meqshaa 13. Mohammed Ebrahim Al-Masjan from Al-Meqshaa 14. Jaffar Mohammed Al-Manami from Al-Meqshaa 15. Mahmood Al-Manami from Al-Meqshaa 16. Yaqoob Abdul-Jalil from Al-Meqshaa 17. Hussain Abbas Abdulnabi from Al-Meqshaa 18. Ali Abbas Ahmed from Al-Meqshaa 19. Mohammed Abduhussain from Al-meqshaa 20. Ammar Abdullah Mohammed from Al-Meqshaa 21. Ali Ahmed Al-Ekri from Al-Daih 22. Jaffar Al-Qassab from Manama (released) 23. Kumail Jaffar Al-Manami from Al-Meqshaa 24. Qassim Abdul-Hassan Fateel from Bani-Jamra 25. Ali Mirza Abdul-Nabi 26. Jalaa Al-Majidi 27. Mohammed Majeed Bahman 28. Ibrahim Al-Moqhawi 29. Redha Fadhel Naseef (12 years old, released)