26 Jan 2013


The Bahrain Center for Human Rights expresses its concern over the continued practice of kidnapping and torture of young people by the security forces to order to pressure them into providing information about protesters.

On 23 Jan 2013, Hasan Abdulhadi Mushaima, aged 18, was kidnapped by police officers while he was on his way to buy dinner in the village of Daih. He reportedly felt the barrel of a shotgun on his back, and was told not to run. Mushaima was then dragged to a police jeep where he was severely beaten, verbally assaulted, and threatened with rape if he did not cooperate with them and work as an informer.

There were no demonstrations, protests, or other actions going on in the street at the time when Hasan Mushaima had gone out to buy dinner. An officer reportedly told Hasan Mushaima
"Guide us to where the molotovs are hidden or you will see something you haven't seen before"
Mushaima stated that he randomly pointed at houses in the area in an attempt to stop the beatings. Police officers did not find anything after searching these homes, and upon returning empty-handed to Hasan, one of the officers placed Mushaima's hand on the metal inside the police jeep, then reportedly told Mushaima to choose between a knife and a hammer. When Mushaima refused to respond, the officer hit Mushaima's hand with a hammer 6 times in different areas, then hit him with the hammer above his knee. One of the riot police poured two bottles of cold water on Mushaima and kept bringing a lighter close to him telling him he had poured gasoline on him and was going to burn him alive.
After pouring water on Hasan Mushaima's body, one of the officers reportedly put out cigarettes on his shoulder, repeatedly pulled his nipples and eventually drove him to the building known as Sanabis Youth Hostel. At this location, officers released him, while reportedly saying:
"Shoot him dead with pellets as soon as he runs"
Hasan Mushaima started running, afraid for his life, and could hear their laugter in the background.


Hasan Abdulhadi Mushaima was held for a total of approximately three hours. In addition to the physical abuse he received during this time, he was humiliated by being forced to dress in police officer clothing and recite the national anthem several times while being beaten on the head with riot police helmets and batons, which caused swelling in different areas.

During this time, Hasan Mushaima’s father went to the Alkhamis police station to inquire about his son, and was fired upon by police officers with tear gas and sound grenades.

Hasan Abdulhadi Mushima is the brother of the first victim of extra judicial killing that occurred in Bahrain in the wake of the pro-democracy movement that began on February 14th, 2011. The authorities have repeatedly attacked deceased victims’ families to discourage them from speaking out about what happened, or from seeking accountability. Mushaima’s family's home has been repeatedly attacked with tear gas and raided by security forces who destroy the properties. His father and uncle were arrested in Manama on 25 Jan 2012 where a demonstration was taken place, though the father was released later.

Based on the above Bahrain Center for Human Rights calls on the US, UK, the United Nations to put pressure on the Government of Bahrain to:
- Conducting prompt and impartial investigation in the case of the abuse of Hasan Abdulhadi Mushaima and taking the accused to a fair and just trial.
- Stopping all forms of torture and insulting treatment and investigating with all the accused of torture and bringing them to justice.
- Stopping the policy of impunity and the protection of the violators of human rights and bringing them to justice, including senior state officials who, if not directly supervise the violations are involved in the protection of the violators.
- Stop all intimidation acts and attacks on the families of the deceased persons who were killed by the security forces.