Trailer-truck collision near Alba leaves 10 workers critical

The accident occurred when the workers employed by Sayed Kadhem Al Durazi Construction company were being transported by the six-wheeler to the BANOCO worksite. The driver tried to overtake a bus on the two-way road and rammed into a trailer coming towards him. Two workers, an Indian and a Bangladeshi, died on the spot while another Indian succumbed to injuries at the ICU at the BDF Hospital, where the injured were taken. The dead were identified as Mehboob Sadiq, 26, Shankar Katomari, 35 and Sukumar, 38. Ten workers who were seriously injured are under observation, while 11 others were discharged later during the day. Shankar was working in the company as a carpenter and is survived by wife and two sons. Sukumar worked as a labourer, and is survived by wife and two children. The Bangladeshi worker Mehboob was a shovel operator and was single. His brother-in-law also works for the same company. Such was the impact of the collision that most workers were in a daze and could not recollect anything about he accident. This is the third accident involving workers being transported in open trucks or trailers in violation of Bahrain’s Occupational Hazards and Safety regulations laid down by the Ministry of Labour. Bonny Mascarenhas Article from: Bahrain Tribune Newspaper