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A California Teen Founds A Nonprofit Organization To Fight Food Waste And Hunger

A California teen founds a nonprofit organization to fight food waste and hunger. In the United States, food waste is a major and expanding issue. In the US, more than 40% of the food produced is never consumed, resulting in an annual value loss of $218 billion. The amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere each year by this food waste is the same as that of 37 million cars, having a devastating effect on the environment.

The crisis of food waste affects people and the food industry alike, and it is a systemic as well as an individual issue. The good news is that we can all start making a difference by taking a few easy steps to reduce food waste.

We can contribute to the development of a sustainable food system that benefits all people by taking steps to reduce our own food waste. Consider the California teen who made it his goal to address the issues of food waste and food insecurity in his community.

On January 15, at 11 a.m., the "Celebration of the Dream Motorcade" will start at Capitol Heights Metro Station. For a reception, vehicles will travel to the Oakcrest Community Center. There will be dance, poetry, and live music performances celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy.

According to the organizers, this is a chance to bring the neighborhood together.

We're going to close that gap, Brandon said. "There's so much division, I just want us to keep fighting together. In order to get what we need and strengthen this thing, we must work together.