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A Generous $1,000 Tip Is Given To A Server In Lakeland By A Nearby Nonprofit

A generous $1,000 tip is given to a server in Lakeland by a nearby nonprofit. Because of a non-profit, Lakeland server Stacey White just received the largest tip of her life.

White, a single mother of three young children, works at the Reesecliff Family Diner on South Florida Avenue in Lakeland, so every dollar she earns is valuable. She received a $1,000 tip just before Christmas, which broke all previous records.

She admitted to FOX 13 that she paused because she was shocked. "Then an immense sense of gratitude began to take hold. After that, I just broke down in tears because it just goes to show that there are still good people in the world."

The Big Fat Tip, a nonprofit, provided the tip. Deedre Daniel, a former server herself, is the creator.

Daniel remarked, "I made this little promise to myself that when I made it, I would go around giving out big fat tips.

When she was out of work in 2018, she started the organization. She accepts donations, primarily from friends and friends of friends, and pools the funds because Daniel is still not wealthy.
Some people have given $5 or $10, she said. Some people have given the full $1,000.

She and her volunteers pick a restaurant at random and give the tip to whoever happens to be their server when the pot reaches $1,000.

One of White's customers at Reesecliff, David Coleman, said, "I think it is awesome." I tip well, but not in that way.

The Big Fat Tip has been in existence for a while. The nonprofit has left tips for 39 servers both locally and nationally.