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A Non-profit Organization In Las Vegas Offers Physical Fitness To People With Disabilities

A non-profit organization in Las Vegas offers physical fitness to people with disabilities. Did you know that individuals with disabilities are more likely to struggle with their weight? The side effect of weight gain is common with many of the medications prescribed for this community.

Additionally, regular gyms are not designed for those with disabilities. In Las Vegas, there were no gyms created specifically for people with disabilities until recently. That has changed since then.

Personal trainer Chris Salas used to work at a nearby gym a few years ago. He had years of experience, was employed independently, and had lost weight on his own.

Chris' day at work, which appeared to be just another one, ended up being the first day of the rest of his life. Chris first met the woman that day at the gym. the mother. She asked Chris for help with Madison's training. Due to her Down syndrome, Madison found it difficult to meet some of the physical requirements of school.

After working with Madison for a short while, Chris quickly understood that he had discovered his life's work. After helping Madison improve her physical fitness, word of his work quickly spread throughout the disability community. Chris quickly established The Ability Center.

a sensory fitness center with the goal of improving the natural talent of people with developmental, mental, and physical disabilities. They accomplish this using specially created gym equipment, sensory sounds and lights, creative activities, and more.

Our most recent Talking Solutions guest, Chris, spoke about his love for the people he works with. He provided information on The Ability Center and his long-term objectives for people with disabilities. Additionally, he discussed the significance of physical fitness for people with disabilities and offered some fitness advice.

The Opportunity Village and the Special Olympics Nevada are two local organizations that provide services to people with disabilities with whom The Ability Center has partnered. He invites the public to donate to his cause and volunteer their time as he seeks to grow.