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Former Lamar County Judge Now Serves As Executive Director Of A Nonprofit

Former Lamar County judge now serves as executive director of a nonprofit - A former Lamar County circuit clerk judge has drastically changed his or her career.

Anthony Mozingo is currently serving as executive director of the charitable organization Homes of Hope for Children after announcing his resignation from his position in October.

The biggest transition, according to Mozingo, is from executive director of a children's ministry to circuit court judge.

In any case, Mozingo declared that he is prepared to assume leadership of the company. He has been putting in effort over the past few months to get ready for the change in his career.

In order to prepare himself for coming here to lead this ministry, Mozingo said that he had visited different children's ministries in Georgia, Louisiana, Jackson, and other states.

Mozingo is currently working to meet the families and employees of the company.

In the short term, Mozingo said, "that will be our main focus moving forward, developing a program here and a vision for homes, that will prepare these children to be reunified where possible, but where it is not possible, to prepare them to leave and go out into the world, school or work, and be successful."

Visit their website if you want to get involved with the nonprofit.