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Others First And Their Charitable Endeavors

The group has a long history of aiding veterans' groups, kids' initiatives, cancer research, animal organizations, and other deserving causes. Millions of dollars have been raised through their car donation programs to help those in need receive much-needed services.

In collaboration with Rochester Hills, Michigan, Mayor Bryan K. Barnett, Charity Funding and Others First Inc. helped distribute sizeable donations to a few regional charities during the holiday season. The organizations that received funding included Avondale Youth Assistance, DMAN Foundation, Dutton Farm Inc., Neighborhood House, Rochester Area Youth Assistance, Teacher's Pet: Dogs and Kids Learning Together, and Yellow Ribbon, Fund - Michigan.

Rick Frazier, president of Charity Funding, said, "We are proud to support so many important causes that make a positive impact in our community - especially during this time of the year." We are dedicated to carrying on this important work because "our vehicle donation programs have been incredibly successful in raising funds for those in need."

Others First has a proven track record of success in advancing numerous charitable causes and is committed to bettering the lives of those who are in need. They appreciate the donations' support and are eager to carry on doing good in the neighborhood.

Please visit their website at www.othersfirst.org for more details about Others First and their charitable endeavors.