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Teresa Carlson Is Given A New Leadership Position At A Supply Chain Company

Teresa Carlson is given a new leadership position at a supply chain company. The new company the technology veteran has joined emphasizes order management along with other logistics and supply chain-related duties.

Teresa Carlson, a former executive at Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, has been named president and chief commercial officer at Flexport, a San Francisco-based supply chain technology company.

In the federal market, Carlson is best known for her leadership in popularizing cloud computing services, which helped AWS land the first round of cloud contracts with the CIA and other top agencies.

She will oversee Flexport's sales, marketing, and communications initiatives. The business focuses on logistics and supply chain management tasks like order management, trade financing, insurance, freight forwarding, and customs brokerage.

She will also be in charge of Flexport.org, the company's nonprofit division that provides supply chain solutions for sustainability and international aid objectives.

For instance, the nonprofit is planning food shipments to families in the Horn of Africa and aid shipments to Ukrainian refugees. Flexport.org has assisted more than 600 organizations with logistics and shipping to 84 different countries.

Dave Clark, co-CEO of Flexport, said in a release on Thursday, "Teresa has an impressive track record of scaling businesses globally, and I have seen first-hand her dedication to delivering best-in-class technology solutions for customers around the world."

We are confident that Teresa's leadership will enable Flexport to forge new international alliances and take advantage of the incredible opportunity to digitally transform the supply chain for a variety of industries as it enters its next phase of growth.

Carlson will answer to Clark directly.

In her most recent position at Microsoft, Carlson served as corporate vice president and executive-in-residence.

She established and oversaw AWS's global public sector business while a vice president of the company. She also oversaw the expansion of AWS into the fields of aerospace, energy, financial services, and telecommunications.

In 2021, she resigned from AWS to become president and chief growth officer at Splunk.

Flexport has altered how companies view supply chains and logistics, and their technology-enabled platform has the potential to have a significant impact on a wide range of industries globally, according to Carlson in a statement from the company.