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The Give For Good Foundation Is Now Accepting Registrations - 2023

The Give for Good Foundation is now accepting registrations. The registration period for non-profits to participate in the 10th Give for Good is open until February 10, 2023. The event will take place on May 2, 2023. To participate in the day of giving, nonprofits must meet certain eligibility requirements.

The funds raised through Give for Good are unrestricted dollars, so they can be used however the charity chooses. Normally, grant money has to go to a particular non-profit program.

Community Foundation has a Lagniappe Fund in addition to the donations from Give for Good.

These additional funds were provided by the Community Foundation and other supporting foundations, as well as by regional businesses and kind donors.

An organization receives 10% of the Lagniappe Fund if it raises 10% of all Give for Good donations.

The Community Foundation has a wealth of tools available to help organizations get the most out of this giving day.

According to Kristina Gustavson, CEO of Community Foundation, "We advertise heavily, and we believe that the Community Foundation as a whole, with all of the participants, has a much greater capacity for advertising than any one nonprofit could have on its own. In addition, we annually donate $100,000 to the Lagniappe fund and put in countless hours of sweat, blood, and tears on behalf of the staff. Additionally, Community Foundation offers nonprofit trainings to really assist the nonprofits in having the most productive and successful day possible."

There is a $10 minimum donation requirement for Give for Good donations. There are alternative ways to give back if you are unable to donate.

Amanda Felan, director of marketing and development for the Community Foundation, claims: "It's not necessary to have a lot. You can also simply participate by going to one of the charitable events. There are eateries that hold charity nights. So, if you want to eat out and support your preferred nonprofit by finding the restaurant, you can do that. Additionally, a portion of your meal bill will be donated to them."

This year, Community Foundation invested in a new platform to provide donors and non-profits with a better Give for Good experience. Businesses and donors alike can offer matching funds to a charity of their choice.

Community Foundation hoped to raise $2.39 million in 2022 and $2.39 million in 2023.