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Women From South Hillsborough County Organize A Group To Support Nonprofits

Women from South Hillsborough County organize a group to support nonprofits. A sizable group of women have a distinctive way of supporting the Bay Area.

Once every three months, the members of 100 Women Who Care Southshore get together to donate money to non-profits in South Hillsborough County.

The Southshore chapter of 100 Women Who Care said: "Many of our members are looking for ways to get more involved in the community, and this gives them a way to find out what's going on with the charities in our area."

The organization has assisted many organizations, "Parents and Children Advance Together Literacy Ministries" being just one of them. It's a literacy initiative to help families and kids in underserved areas with their educational needs.

GiGi Moise, educational director of Parents and Children Advance Together Literacy Ministries, said, "The donation that was given to us by the one 100 Women Who Care South Shore has been a tremendous help and being able to buy additional resources that were not grant funded." "In order for us to support our students."

Each participant pays $100 and there are four meetings each year. "Since it only takes an hour every quarter—or four hours a year—it is only a small time commitment. And you can accomplish so much more and do it so much more effectively when 100 women work together "One participant said.

Ten charitable organizations were placed in a basket. Three organizations are chosen by the women, and each is required to present their initiative for five minutes. The woman with the most votes wins the donation after the women cast their ballots.

Austine Keller, a member, said, "We have an opportunity to learn, to learn what their needs are, what their financial situation is. And being a part of that is just exciting.

All are welcome, according to the group. "More women are always welcome. Furthermore, we don't discriminate "Barton said. "A man is welcome to join if he so chooses. We will nonetheless be recognized as one hundred women who care."

Women band together to improve the lives of those in their community. The Shultz Family Foundation will match every donation.